The Power of Outreach Marketing

by Feb 21, 2023

Under a new California order, state agencies and departments are required to administer plans to advance equity and opportunity and address workplace inequalities. The order is said to help protect communities from hate, violence, and discrimination through these accelerated actions.

The order states, 

Under the order, state agencies and departments are directed to embed policies and practices in their strategic plans in order to further advance equity and opportunity and address disparities in access and outcomes. As part of these efforts, agencies and departments will incorporate more inclusive public engagement and data analysis to better serve all Californians. In addition, the order helps protect communities against hate violence and discrimination through accelerated actions, supports equitable investment of federal infrastructure funding, promotes a more inclusive and diverse state workforce, and encourages contracting opportunities for California businesses in disadvantaged regions and communities. Under the order, the California Health and Human Services Agency and Government Operations Agency will also develop recommendations to improve language and communications access to state government services and programs.

The opportunities for small and minority-owned businesses are expanding with such actions. The positive effects of diversifying vendors are immense. Forbes discusses this by pointing out that diverse companies have a 35% greater financial return than non-diverse counterparts.

As a small, woman-owned business, we must recognize the actions taken to help improve diversity, equity, and inclusion. With the introduction of government-funded budgets to help promote diversity, we see it as an opportunity to broaden our scope of potential partnerships.

Four different people with different color backgrounds

1. The power of diverse small businesses

As a Federally Certified Woman-Owned and California-Certified Small Business, we see the value of what a minority-owned business can bring to the table and are also committed to helping improve awareness around diversity and inclusion. 

Increasing the conversation around programs such as DEIB in business is critical. Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are ideals that we strive to incorporate into the scope of our business. 

When you hire or contract with a diverse and forward-thinking agency like ours, you will get a more inclusive, diverse, and forward-thinking marketing strategy. Because of our experience, we have unique perspectives, fresh eyes, knowledge of social and political trends, and a finger on the pulse of what is going on in society and on social media as it relates to social justice and equality. 

It is crucial to rid organizations of the unconscious biases that occur. To do this, workplace diversity must be discussed often and taken seriously in every aspect of the business. Maintaining implicit biases keeps organizations from fairly hiring, promoting, and creating a healthy work environment that is representative of society.

Ridding organizations of implicit biases creates a healthier and more equitable work environment. This improves our work-life culture, success, and productivity and fosters a sustainable and healthy outlook on how we view diversity in general. This is also how and why we see this new California order as an opportunity for diverse small businesses to advance.

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2. Why you can trust us

Outreach marketing is a strategic marketing tool to help your organization reach influential sources already tied and marketing to your target audience, which in this case are small, diverse businesses. Essentially, it is a type of influencer marketing geared to meet strategic partnerships. The impact can be immediate and significant, depending on the partner’s reach. 

To reach your target audience, we need to develop a profile of them with the creation of a buyer persona. It helps us to focus on the new audience we want to reach and the strategic partners we bring into the fold. All of this is possible with a solid personal brand, which is what initially attracts the audience. We call this brand awareness. All messages to the audience have to be aligned. We need to understand pain points, motivations, and reasons for engagement.

Outreach marketing supports other strategic outreach efforts and can help take those efforts to the next level. We can utilize written and video content, social media advertising, and messenger campaigns. 

The most essential part is to be strategic. With a strategic plan, we are crystal clear on our goals, path of action, and what we consider success. 

With these services, we are dedicated to implementing diversity marketing. This means that we remain aware of different subgroups, cultures, and societal changes within clients’ target audiences. 

By doing this, we improve our clients’ reputations and connect to the audience, enabling us to expand our reach.

The ability to do this exists only because our internal team is dedicated to increasing DEIB. This value starts within our agency and shines through our clients. To keep progressing with workplace diversity, it is critical for all aspects of our organization to follow suit.

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