Outsource marketing offers a guaranteed return on investment

by May 26, 2021

Not much in business has a guaranteed return of investment. As an outsource marketing team, we always knew this fact to be true, and now we are able to put it on virtual paper for everyone to see. There are so many benefits resulting in ROI, no matter if your business has an internal marketing team or considers a fully outsourcing marketing team. Outsourcing marketing yields a positive ROI compared to hiring in-house marketing for the below reasons.

Let’s start with another fact. The most successful entrepreneurs see marketing as an investment, not an expense. Marketing should always pay for itself. Here comes the measuring of success. As you consider your marketing approach, what ROIs are you measuring and what is your measure of success for your business? 

Reduce overhead. Outsourcing your marketing reduces your overhead and cuts down on labor costs and employment benefits. This might be the most obvious benefit. It makes your budget easier to manage while you get a full team behind your marketing efforts. The positive ROI is clear as your experienced outsource team increases your revenue line while staying at your established budget.

Expert help. It’s the agency’s job to hire marketers who are experts in their fields, continuously keeping up with digital marketing trends, cutting-edge technology, and fresh approaches. An experienced team has done this before and are doing it for other clients. The outsource team adds experts to their team as they implement new strategies and new platforms and outlets emerge or become more prevalent. 

Reduce time cost. An easy ROI to measure is running cost. In the case of digital marketing, it’s time cost. Managing digital marketing fully inhouse sounds like a money-saving idea; on paper it is time intensive; in business, time is money. The outsource team learns every day and optimizes continuously.  

Flexibility and scalability. These may be outsourced marketing’s greatest advantages.   Outsourcing allows companies to economically scale with their digital marketing efforts. According to Sprout Social, “content creation can be tough, and outsourcing is often a good solution for companies who require a lot of content. In 2020, 86% of B2B organizations outsourced content creation and 30% outsourced content distribution.”

Reduce risk. If you work with an internal marketing team, a mix of in-house and agency expertise reduces risk. Approaching a specialized outside agency reduces a demanding digital marketing workload for an internal team. An agency also offers a wide range of expertise and resources to meet specific needs.

Latest marketing technology. An experienced outsource marketing team has built a cutting edge marketing stack. Their access to the latest technology offers an immediate positive ROI. They work data-driven and insight-driven and use advanced analysis and AI tools to optimize their marketing efforts to meet goals. Measuring ROI is at the top of the list.

Future-Proof Business Strategy. Outsourcing digital marketing projects is a future proof business strategy. Strategic outsource marketing teams develop marketing plans in line with the company’s goals and business objectives. They work closely with the executive team, sales team, and business development. Digital marketing teams work future-forward, and are agile and adaptable to current trends and sentiments.

Focus on the bigger picture. Outside help from a marketing agency allows the executive team to focus on a company’s bigger picture. They often inspire self-reflection and offer clarity about industry insights and customer sentiments. 

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