About your ready-to-go marketing team

About your ready-to-go marketing team

Meet the team

We build on our strengths every day. Team concept is very important to us and our agency. Mental health is a focus to reach our full potential. We work in cross-functional collaboration to strengthen team work. That is how we do our best work.


Veronika Monell

Veronika Monell


“All limitations open up new possibilities. We just have to see them clearly.”

Debra Roak

Debra Roak

VP of Sales

Serenity is the key to true happiness. Simplicity is the hole in which it fits.”

Amorette Quintanilla

Amorette Quintanilla

Lead Marketing Strategist

“Create a life you don’t need to take a vacation from. Happiness is the new success.”

Cameron Baggs

Cameron Baggs

Content Marketing Manager

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

Maya Angelou

Kevin Monell

Kevin Monell

Technology & Analytics Specialist

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”

Albert Einstein

Craig Trombly

Craig Trombly

Gallup Strengths Coach

“To be successful, high performing teams focus on knowing and maximizing each member’s talents and strengths.”

Rachel Odneal

Rachel Odneal


Tidying our finances as we should our lives gives us a new found clarity to understand where we want to go.”

Madison Rauch

Madison Rauch

Social Media Specialist

“Live a life that you’re not only proud of, but also happy living in.”

Adrienne Wertz

Adrienne Wertz

Copy Editing & Proofreading

“Live lightly.”

Our marketing philosophy is your success

We are marketing strategists, social media marketers, advertising specialists, branding and reputation experts, content marketers, and social listeners.

We can help our clients best by building a strategy for today and tomorrow.

We utilize analytics and social listening to anticipate tomorrow’s trends.

We dare to create forward-thinking marketing campaigns so our clients stand out.

We lend fresh eyes to keep our clients relevant in an ever-changing marketing dynamic.

We are not afraid to be bold and thought leaders and help our clients to be the same.

We believe that we are most successful when we know our clients’ business goals well

The company culture we live by

We follow our JumpStartNOW culture code and practice transparency. We commit that our advice, services and products are of the highest quality. We practice integrity and the utmost respect for our clients and their businesses. 


Commitment to Success

We are 100% committed to our mission to help businesses grow and to their, as well as JumpStartNOW’s, success.


We care about our clients’ businesses as we do our own. We perform high-quality services and always give our best.


We are forward-thinking – we learn and share every day. We build strategies for today and for tomorrow and equip our clients and our own business for the future.


We share knowledge among our team and are transparent to our clients. We speak positively of our clients and team members and use language of empowerment. 


We pride ourselves on inclusivity and diversity. We believe that strong teams are built on mutual trust and respect.

Ownership and Integrity

We empower our team members to take ownership. We are responsible for our own actions and speak the truth at all times.


We dare to be different and believe in and are not afraid of positive changes for growth. We venture out of our own comfort zone and guide our clients to do the same.

Agency Life

Our JumpStartNOW team fosters a positive environment where all can grow personally and professionally. We are passionate about what we do. We are part of the marketing agency world and live what we teach.