We are a marketing boutique


The Possibilities

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What We Do

We are a team of committed, honest, forward-thinking, and creative people who help grow our clients’ businesses in this always-changing online marketing world.


Social Media Marketing

We know where your customers live on social media and how to reach out.

Online Advertising

We create powerful ads to generate warm leads and make the phone ring with prospects.

Content Marketing

We create your story, show your expertise, and send prospects to your website to convert.


Web and eCommerce Sites

We take the worry out of creating modern, mobile responsive websites and eCommerce stores

Email & Messenger Marketing

We keep you customers updated on your services, speak to them, and help close the deal.

Brand Development

We help develop your authentic brand and reputation online, identify your strength, and up your game.

Why we are different

Understanding Our Clients. We become part of our clients' team. We understand their opportunities, ideal customers, their superpowers, and differentiators. We customize their strategy to their needs and goals.

Delivering Real Results. We are transparent and show our clients how we are doing every month. We are committed to growing their business and building reputation and brand awareness.

From Our Clients

“Working with JumpStartNow has been a true pleasure and exceeded my wildest explanation. They helped really refine and clarify the overall message and strategy for my business. I loved the fact that they were very detail oriented, professional, and ultimately cared about the success of my business. Thank You JumpStartNow!”

Nate Liggins


“Cars is what motivates me!!!!! I just purchased my first ever $356k 2018 Ferrari 488 GTB with 720 HP!! Veronika Monell, all this is happening thanks to your strategy. I do believe that you play the biggest role to put us where we are today. I have already closed over $250k in contracts in January. I am looking forward to more strategy sessions. You are my hero, Veronika!!!! I mean it.”

Daniel Navarrete


“As a small business, I started our social media then moved to staff and friends to manage it. After five years, I wanted to take things to a more professional level. Laura and JumpStartNOW listened to my requests and helped me achieve that goal. Loyal customers have noticed the changes and new customers are calling every day.”

Peni Wilson Pet Stylista

Pet Stylista

“Absolutely amazing results! The process JumpStartNOW uses to help bring out the best of my professional presence is like nothing I have every experienced. They took the time to ask the right questions in order to best understand my business and my business’ ‘whys,’ and then, with continual communicating and fine-tuning, they overhauled my LinkedIn profile. In a very short period of time I noticed a large increase in my LinkedIn SOI. I would recommend them to any professional or professional organization.”

Rich McDonald

Your Concierge Realtor

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We select our clients by their willingness to embrace change, commitment to their businesses growth and contribution to the business community. We commit that our advice, services and products are of the highest quality. We practice integrity, transparency and utmost respect for our clients and their businesses.