Marketing for tech: the importance of social proof

by Mar 24, 2022

The power of social proof is indisputable. Developing social proof is more important than ever before and an absolute necessity for tech companies. Tech companies, especially with software-based solutions and services, rely on online reputation, validation, and messaging. Any potential investor, strategic partner, customer, or client will be looking for social proof to assess the product’s relevance. 


The phenomenon of social proof is also called informational social influence. This is the idea that people copy the actions of others in an attempt to emulate behavior in certain situations.


Digital content and marketing are expected in today’s digital world. And stakeholders and customers rely on them as a way to learn about brands. Without a digital presence, a company has no reputation and no social proof to speak of. No reputation equals a bad reputation


Social proof cannot be over-emphasized. It is important to build a tech company’s foundation as the expert, change-maker, and forward-thinking authority in its industry. A company can be the best at innovation, but without a digital reputation and social proof, the fight for relevance is lost before it can compete.


The importance of developing a good reputation 


Social proof is all about reputation. It is important to be positioned as a future forward thinker who will participate in trends and create them. 


In marketing for tech, developing social proof is essential. By prioritizing strategic original content, a unique value will be added to the discussion of relevance. This will validate a client’s pain points and give a tech company the opportunity to align with a solution.


Social proof happens when a tech company creates a unique brand voice. Through connectedness and understanding, a brand shows authenticity and empathy. Sharing a brand’s values and company culture creates trust. 


Setting oneself apart from competitors will elevate a brand’s voice. The social proof follows.


The importance of measuring the ROI of social proof


The good news about digital marketing is that it is measurable. There is no mystery about the state of social proof. Marketing technology can track metrics for brand reputation and social proof. Social listening can help clarify a company’s authority in its industry. 


Clear metrics of social proof show the ROI on marketing for tech. It helps determine clear strategic objectives, long-term and short-term goals, and informs any marketing initiatives and campaigns. 


As the metrics tracking engagement, positioning, and positive sentiments show momentum, trust in the brand grows. This will strengthen and translate into subsequent business growth. 


The importance of social listening for industry insights


Social listening offers insight into an industry, brand, products and services, and competition. It measures a brand’s authority. This gives an understanding of the standing and relevance of a brand’s products and services.  


Social listening gives a company an edge over competitors. This happens by collecting sentiments about customers’ pain points, the value of services and products, and customer service successes and challenges. This information is invaluable in positioning a tech company. Leveraging these insights help build upon existing social proof.


Social listening offers an opportunity in marketing for tech companies to participate in relevant conversations happening on social media. These companies can then capitalize on such conversations to build a brand reputation. Regardless of whether a company is B2B or B2C, all brands want to be heard.


The importance of collaborating with influencers


Finding partnerships to collaborate with on social media is an effective way to grow social proof. It is important to collaborate with businesses that have a trusted and engaged audience, and an abundance of social proof themselves. These strategic alliances will elevate a brand’s reputation and expand its reach to an expanded audience. 


Partnerships do not only have to be an outside job. Employees, vendors, and contractors can elevate social proof. This inner circle can become a helpful group of influencers engaging and sharing content on social media.


Professional influencers and creators are influencing customers exponentially. Influencers provide a unique perspective and platform on social media. Their audience already trusts them and is more likely to purchase what they promote. 


Having an influencer present a brand is instant validation to the desired target audience. The power of influencer marketing is strong and only growing.


The importance of building buzz around a brand


Brand recognition is critical for social proof. It helps bring the tech company’s message to the top and rise above the noise. Consistent strategic marketing initiatives and campaigns make the brand stand out. A tech company that continues to build on an authentic brand and stays true to its value creates trust and buzz. 


Reputation-building marketing, also called brand awareness, strengthens a brand. Developing social proof requires a solid marketing foundation and a focus on short-term and long-term marketing goals. The more an audience understands and resonates with a brand, the more they will trust in and purchase from them. That is the essence of social proof.


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