Case Study Client: Roak Insurance Agency

by Mar 12, 2022

Client: Roak Insurance Agency

Project Summary: JumpStartNOW (JSN) to create an email and messenger marketing strategy to connect with, create, and nurture leads to convert to Roak Insurance Agency (RIA) clients.

Background: It is Roak Insurance Agency’s mission to level the playing field and to make the insurance process a fair one. RIA helps clients with solutions and risk management. It also offers the opportunity to meet owners and entrepreneurs who will benefit from business connections. Every business owner needs insurance to mitigate risk and grow their business with peace of mind.

Roak Insurance

Challenges: Roak Insurance Agency was a new commercial insurance agency that needed to create a lead funnel to nurture and convert into clients. RIA had a cold email list that needed to be activated to convert initially into subscribership and then to a warm lead funnel. The CEO of RIA was also well connected on LinkedIn and wanted to utilize her LinkedIn profile to convert these leads. These leads were to grow RIA to become a reputable business partner.

Solutions: JumpStartNOW created an email nurture campaign that would convert the cold email list members to email subscribers for RIA. Based on a strategic marketing plan which included SWOT analysis and buyer persona, JSN developed a nurture campaign to address the leads’ pain points and highlight the insurance agency’s uniqueness and strength in the marketplace. Utilizing the CEO’s LinkedIn profile and RIA’s company profile, JSN designed a messenger campaign to create additional touchpoints in the sales funnel and create trust. JSN created content that included strategically positioned blogs to offer solutions for these leads. The JSN team conducted social listening to better understand competition, industry trends, and client needs.

Results: The blog and email content created a strategic sales funnel that was supported by additional touchpoints through LinkedIn messenger. These campaigns created a strong lead generation for RIA that resulted in a continuous stream of consulting appointments for the CEO. The campaigns also offered RIA an understanding of how to use its strength in the marketplace and offer solutions to its potential clients.

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