Why you should outsource your marketing. And not because we are a marketing agency.

by Apr 13, 2020

Building a successful marketing team is like putting all the right puzzle pieces together.

They represent a facet of talent and skills, and they are experts in the many areas that encompass digital marketing. The team acts strategically and understands the endless possibilities. They are forward-thinking and passionate about the opportunities in an ever-changing marketing dynamic. They are lifelong learners and dig being social. They love that world. 

Fresh Perspectives.

For their clients, they bring fresh eyes, the puzzle pieces needed to reach their goals, and the education to create not only the strategy for today, but also for tomorrow. These talents and skills are difficult to find in one person or in a small in-house marketing team. Even large brands, like McDonald’s for example, bring outside agencies to the table to take their marketing to the next level.

There is nothing more powerful than fresh eyes on your business when marketing is outsourced. An experienced marketing team asks questions about goals, unique sales proposition, ideal client, verticals, and strength in the market. Often, the process of getting to understand a client’s business focus, and creating a strategic marketing plan spurs internal discussion and evaluation. Some questions may not yet have an answer, but should be addressed. It is a win-win situation. 

You need a forward-thinking team.

A diverse, dynamic, forward-thinking team with many talents makes for a successful marketing strategy. Anyone who has ever built a marketing agency will know this: Twitter is not like Instagram, and Facebook is nothing like LinkedIn. Marketers who excel at Google Ads might not excel at social ads. Content marketing is a skill and talent of its own. With endless possibilities, there are so many shoes to fill. A full-service marketing agency will have all talents under its roof and can offer the powerful knowledge that comes with these puzzle pieces. A marketing agency can strategically plan an organization’s marketing with a well-rounded knowledge of the digital world. 

Digital marketing is always changing.

A strategic marketing agency will continuously learn about current marketing possibilities and look for future opportunities. It is their focus to create new and fresh strategies for their clients not only for today, but also for tomorrow. The learning opportunities are vast in digital format and in-person conferences. Digital marketers often also learn by doing and analyzing the data. They practice social listening to adapt to current business situations. They craft messages and communication that are sensitive and appropriate for the target audience. 

Marketing never stops. Having a strategic and full-service marketing agency in play creates a wealth of possibilities. Fresh eyes and a wide range of talent are not only important, they are essential. Major brands to small businesses take advantage of the expertise and strategic puzzle pieces that they can access without hiring in-house. An experienced team can lend a unique perspective and strategy that can take businesses to the next level and grow them exponentially.

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