Quotes that make us proud

Check out what our clients say about us. We have worked with well over 200 clients from over 100 different industries.

“Coming from a progressive work background, Veronika knows business strategy. She provides a unique perspective into business coupled with a great work ethic. She can also provide instant feedback to get your business moving in a positive direction. Her no-nonsense approach helps you identify specific areas that are stagnant or holding your business back from progressing. She practices and shares minimalistic ideas which are essential in cutting clutter and non-essentials out to get your business running smoothly. Contact her today for a strategy session, you will be happy you did!”  

Jen Barna,
Proctor Gallagher Institute Facilitator

"Veronika was very helpful in coming up with ideas to better market my business. I was impressed with the knowledge she has in marketing strategies. I would certainly recommend her to anyone looking to grow their business."

Marlene Sanborn,
Sanborn Law

“Veronika has been an absolute pleasure to work with! She jumps straight into understanding the needs of your business and get's to work by strategizing goals and ideas that maximizes your business' marketing efforts. It's obvious that Veronica is passionate about what she does and the relationships she builds because at the heart of her work, that is where you can see your business evolving into a dream come true. I highly recommend Jumpstart-NOW to help your business reach that next level you are looking for!”

Corey Lewis,
Captain @ Black Flag Creative, LLC

"Veronika likes to say she helps companies that are “stuck,” and I couldn’t put it better. Her clear thinking and insightful analysis helped orient our business in a much better direction. The website continues to improve with Veronika’s easygoing encouragement and perspective. She takes what could be a painful process and infuses it with possibility."

Monique Cuvelier,
Learning and Technology Leader, Advisor, Talance

"Veronika's belief and commitment to helping her clients is inspiring. She's very skilled in bringing a fresh perspective and new ideas. I'd highly recommend talking to Veronika."

Trevor Derrett,
Sacramento Kings

“Veronika has done an amazing job of increasing our online presence. When we started working with her we were not getting calls for our services from online searches. After working with us for a very short time our phone has been ringing with people telling us they found us online through sites like Yelp and Google. I highly recommend Veronika. She delivers results!!!”

Susan Leu,
Leu Real Estate and Property Management

"Veronika is a great listener and a solid business strategist. She can quickly size up a business and its goals and provide actionable recommendations for growth. She is also kind and has the mindset of giving back, as well as growth by investing in the community."

Noah Lively,
Kore Innovations

"Veronika has been a tremendous help at jump starting my business! I can't say enough about what she does. Making sure my marketing strategy, social media accounts and finances are all in order are just a few of the things that she has helped my business with. If you are stuck and need a little boost, do not hesitate to give her a call! You'll be glad you did."

Nick Millan,
Detailing Pros Sacramento

“Veronika is doing great work for our company by enhancing our social media and internet presence. Her excellent skills in this area have been invaluable in connecting with new and existing customers."

Ann Leu,
Leu Real Estate and Property Management

“As a small business owner and sole proprietor, it can be a challenge to be able to see when your business strategy needs some improvement. Sometimes you need that objective “outside, looking in” perspective. This is where Veronika excels. In just a short time she was able to identify the areas of my business that I needed to rework, but she also offered a much-needed boost in my confidence by pointing out areas where I was succeeding. She provided a very practical action plan that would help me improve in the areas I was struggling, and ways I could build on my strengths. Working with Veronika has been an awesome learning experience, and I’m excited to see what the future holds for my business!”

Jennifer Perez,
Owner, Ten 18 Graphic Design

"Veronika is easy to work with. She is very knowledgeable, and experienced in business. She has given my many great ideas and strategies, and is able to help with many of the projects I need done. I recommend her."

Gregg Anderson,
VDP International

"Veronika has worked on several projects for me this past year, I could not ask for a more knowledgeable and patient person to work with, a true pro when you need that extra help with strategizing the best and most productive path for your business."

Troy Bird,
Mortgage Banker

"Veronika has been a tremendous asset to my consulting company. She has increased my commitment, efficiency, and understanding of how to effectively network both in the community and online. Her enthusiasm is infectious and purposeful, and I would recommend her services to anyone looking to boost productivity and business."

Jude Frates,
Founder & CEO, Sustainable Business Solutions

"Veronika is an amazing business mentor. With plenty of operations experience in the entertainment industry, she now helps small businesses, such as myself, strategize in the ever changing world of ecommerce and omnichannel. She's on top of market trends and has a keen eye for growth opportunities for all sorts of businesses. As the world becomes more and more saturated with products and services, I would definitely recommend her as the go-to person for marketing to one's end consumer."

Thomas Simon,
CEO Mobile Accessories USA

"Veronika and Jen really know what it takes to get your mind right for entrepreneurship. From decision making, to goal setting, to making an actionable plan, they have the experience and the ability help you succeed. I would highly recommend anyone to visit their workshop who needs more clarity on their goals, and if you want to jumpstart your success immediately."

Mitch Gaskey,
Search Engine Marketer, Real Clear Metrics

"Veronika helped me get my small business in proper running order. She gave me ways to strategize to help reach my desired goals. I really appreciated that she was down to earth and approachable. It made it easy for me to talk to her about my business on a real level. My faults are hard to discuss, but facing them and talking through them with her is what helped me get to the next level."

Melissa Brozek,
Photographer & Owner, Mel* B Photography

"I can't say enough good things about this amazing business advisor. She can find ways to make you more successful no matter how big or small your business is. I work with her all the time and she's where I turn to when I need to get pointed in the right direction."

Joseph Berthelot,
Hooligan BBQ & Catering

"Veronika’s and Jen’s thoughts and insights were fantastic, very positive and motivating. It is a great mixture of real world practical experience with instructions on how to focus the mind towards success. This course should be a MUST for any new entrepreneur."

Dr. Jim Donoghue,
Owner, Advantage ChiroCare and Wellness Center

“We began using JumpStartNOW early this year. Having 46 years in the insurance industry and being somewhat “old school” I’m not sure how it all comes together but the results are very noticeable. We have a significant increase in qualified prospects calling and emailing and I have found on most occasions we are their first call. These are the ones that more often translate into sales. Also Veronika is high energy, positive and just a joy to work with. She is really our sales partner…"

Dick Lemon,
McClatchy Insurance Agency