Our strategy and results


Content Strategy - Articles and Blogs

Goal: Improving website’s Google rankings for international brokerage client

Strategy: Strategically creating blog content with unique and targeted approach

Results:  Readily picked up by Google with an immediate 39 position boost


Social Media Marketing - Engagement and Impressions

Goal: Generating cohesive brand awareness and engagement online, leveraging LinkedIn

Strategy: Strategic posting 5 days a week, as well as tagging partners and power partners, responding to messages and comments

Results: Impressions increased by 75.4%, engagements increased by 94% and post clicks by 25% over a six-month period


Paid Advertising - Google and Social Ads

Goal: Generating leads for online health industry program

Strategy: Developing a savvy, targeted paid ad strategy by dialing in creatives

Results: Generating 575 click-throughs within three days of minimal spend social media ad campaign


Content Marketing - Newsletter Marketing Emails

Goal: Improving open rate for client email campaigns

Strategy: Developing valuable lists, savvy content and savvy subject title strategy

Results: Consistently achieving a 68-72% open rate


Content Marketing - Website Search Engine Optimization

Goal: Improving client website’s position for specific keyword campaign through strategic content

Strategy: Strategically creating website written and mulit-media content

Results:  Consistently ranking client’s website on the first page of Google search engine


Social selling: Lead Generation

Goal: Generating sales leads through LinkedIn messenger marketing campaigns for insurance agency to book on client calendar

Strategy: Developing qualified connections, strategic messenger sales funnel, and engaging content

Results: Consistently generating 7-8 leads daily


Content Marketing - Email Blast Marketing

Goal: Improving the open rate for client email blast campaigns to a cold list

Strategy: Finding high-quality cold lead lists, savvy subject title strategy, and engaging email body content

Results: Achieving up to a 42% open rate