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We help businesses that are stuck and offer new ideas and fresh eyes on your business while brainstorming and strategizing together with you. We have helped over 200 businesses with new insights on how to grow your business. No matter if your business needs focus or an online marketing strategy, we believe everything is interconnected. We will look at all the moving parts of your business, determine why you are stuck and the best course of action to get your business moving in the right direction.

We take a minimalist approach to business strategy. Based on our session, we will prioritize a list of actionable items which each will move the needle to affect your bottom-line. We will take 30 minutes of your time to speak with you about your business, prepare for the session and then get into a 2-hour session of intense strategizing. We are honest and direct. We prefer meeting at your business but can also accommodate you at our offices or during an online session.

We have helped business owners who have lost their passion, needed to refocus their goals and mission. We helped businesses with a solid plan for growth, got to the bottom of why they are stuck and helped developed new ideas. We shed light on what works and what does not, clarified their challenges and created a road map. We keep entrepreneurs on track and businesses to the road of growth. No business is too large or too small.

2-hour Strategy session & Actionable Item Plan $750

Follow-up Sessions $195

1 Hour Online Session $195

"Veronika is a great listener and a solid business strategist. She can quickly size up a business and its goals and provide actionable recommendations for growth. She is also kind and has the mindset of giving back, as well as growth by investing in the community."

Noah Lively,
Kore Innovations

“Veronika has been an absolute pleasure to work with! She jumps straight into understanding the needs of your business and get's to work by strategizing goals and ideas that maximizes your business' marketing efforts. It's obvious that Veronica is passionate about what she does and the relationships she builds because at the heart of her work, that is where you can see your business evolving into a dream come true. I highly recommend Jumpstart-NOW to help your business reach that next level you are looking for!”

Corey Lewis,
Captain @ Black Flag Creative, LLC

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