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JumpStartNOW supports “Small Business Growth through Forward Thinking Strategies in a Fast Paced World”

We are a business strategy team of committed, honest, forward thinking and creative people who always thrive to grow our clients’ businesses while partnering with them. We follow our JumpStartNOW culture code and practice transparency. We thrive in helping our clients to get “unstuck” in an ever changing world of marketing and business dynamics.

We appreciate and welcome competition. We believe in not only co-existing but teaming up with others when in line with our vision. We understand that we can learn from others while they can learn from us. We not only work with our client, but we train and educate them to take their businesses to the next level.

We select our clients not by size but the willingness to embrace change, commitment to their businesses and contribution to the business community. We commit that our advice, services and products are of the highest quality. We practice integrity and utmost respect for our clients and their businesses.



Take a look at our unique approach

No-Nonsense Advice

We help businesses pinpoint their challenges and team up with you on defining solutions. We are direct and take an honest look at your business. We drill down and focus in on your goals to help you jumpstart your business.

Clear Strategy

We are minimalists at heart and in business. We team up with you to translate your defined goals into  actionable items –with each item moving the needle to jumpstart your business. Transparency is important to us.

Forward Thinking

We offer fresh eyes and new ideas on your business in an ever changing world of marketing and business dynamics. We help you to reinvent yourself, stop what is not working and implement strategies not only for today but for tomorrow.  

Real Results

Our business strategy connects the dots to draw a map for an actionable, goal-oriented plan. Our clear strategy translates into real results with an intensely focused and collaborative approach.



Veronika Monell

Owner & Business Strategist at JumpStartNOW

“My Superpower is Strategic”

I am passionate about small business. Since I launched JumpStartNOW in 2015, I have helped hundreds of businesses in different industries navigate the ever changing marketing and business dynamics of today’s fast paced world.

Being strategic for me means connecting the dots and seeing relevant patterns, challenges, and solutions. I construct the large puzzle that is their business – several pieces fit easily while others do not; some pieces are missing and others do not seem to belong. I help my clients see the entire picture.

I offer fresh eyes and new ideas on any businesses. I believe change is positive and thinking outside the box a necessity. I compliment my clients’ talents with savvy business strategies while practicing a unique “minimalist” approach. It translates into an intensely focused set of actionable items that can all move the needle. I believe in powerful teams and a collaborative approach–and that is how I work with my clients.  

I started my career in the dynamic and forward thinking video game industry. We were known to reinvent ourselves every six months, creating incubator business ventures to stay relevant in a fast paced business dynamic. Developing and launching cutting-edge products and finding solutions for almost impossible problems has become my mission. My end-to-end business expertise set the stage for new business opportunities resulting in millions of dollars of new revenue..

I dare to be different and bring this forward thinking approach to my small business clients every day. I build strategies not only for today but for tomorrow. I care about my clients and their businesses–and together we jumpstart necessary change.

Ambassador of the Year 2017, C0-Chair Ambassador Committee 2018, Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce

NAWBO Outstanding Women Leadership   “Woman on the Way” Award Nominee

Past Membership Chair, LeTip of Sacramento


“The key for me was the quality of her questions. They were very insightful, and led me what the potential solution could be. It wasn't just this is how you should do, it is how can I help you do this now.”

Doug Kor - Owner, OsmoVote

“Veronika Monell has really helped me hone in where I need to be and what my value is for my clients.”

Rebecca Wilkie - Owner, Cuvee Marketing

Our Clients

Our Company Culture Code

Commitment to Success – We are 100% committed to our mission to helping businesses grow and their as well as JumpStartNOW’s success.

Excellence – We care about our clients’ businesses as we do our own. We perform high quality services and always give our best.

Education – We are forward thinking–we learn and share every day. We build strategies for today and for tomorrow and equip our clients and our own business for the future.

Communication – We share knowledge among our team and are transparent to our clients. We speak positively of our clients and team members and use language of empowerment.

Team Work – We pride ourselves in inclusivity and diversity  We believe that strong teams are built with mutual trust and respect.

Ownership and Integrity – We empower our team members to take ownership. We are responsible for our own actions and speak the truth at all times.

Opportunism – We dare to be different and believe in and are not afraid of positive changes for growth. We venture out of our own comfort zone and help guide our clients to do the same for optimal growth of their businesses.