Outsource Marketing: Why Two Teams Are Better Than One

by Mar 23, 2023

Outsource marketing is a powerful business strategy. It brings in experts in the field, increases time and resources to create strong marketing, and focuses on specific marketing strategies. JumpStartNOW is a boutique marketing agency that specializes in creating powerful marketing that can help transform your business.

The business dynamics are ever-changing. And so is marketing. Digital transformation is progressing at the speed of light. You are ready for it and so are we. When you thrive, we support your momentum with marketing strategies focused on today and tomorrow. We take your expertise and translate it into the marketing world so that your customer can understand the solution they urgently need. Because that is what we do best.

Client pain points

A pain point is an area that the client knows they are lacking in and could use support with. Outsourced marketing agencies are able to help identify the pain points that a business has and build strategies to eliminate them. This is possible due to the fact that agencies hire an array of marketing experts that are able to provide a significant amount of value to many different types of clients.

Relying on outsourced experts relieves the business of taking time to figure out what is needed. This also gives them time to focus on growing and improving other areas of business. Establishing client pain points relieves organizations of inhibited business growth. 

At JumpStartNOW, we successfully accomplished this with the University of California Irvine Division of Continuing Education (UCI DCE). Here, we created a social media advertising and Google Ad strategy, then consequent implementation and tactical management of those strategies for nine extension programs plus UCI DCE’s institution efforts. 

From this, UCI DCE reported a significant increase in overall traffic to its website in addition to a substantial increase in lead creation through landing page lead form submissions. We successfully implemented an ad campaign through a platform used for the first time by UCI DCE. This strategic approach met the benchmark and led conversion goals in the majority of campaigns. The social listening results were used to inform brand strategy by the program marketing team leaders.

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Limited in-house team


A limited in-house team can significantly reduce a client’s ability to achieve marketing success. A small business might not have the people to effectively execute all marketing needs for the company. Outsourcing allows companies to achieve higher results at a lower cost. This means that by outsourcing, companies are saving time and money by looking to marketing agencies to take over responsibilities.

When a campaign does not achieve the desired results, agencies can quickly find solutions due to their experience and know-how. An experienced team has access to better tools that can help your business grow, such as Sprout Social, Monday.com, social listening strategies, and more. An outside team can provide fresh sets of eyes to your challenges and achieve creative solutions. 

At JumpStartNOW, we have seen the power of outsourcing for small businesses. For ROAK Insurance Agency, we created an email and messenger marketing strategy to connect with, create, and nurture leads to convert to Roak Insurance Agency (RIA) clients. By doing this, we were able to create lead generation and a strategic sales funnel. The marketing campaigns that were implemented also offered RIA an understanding of how to use its strength in the marketplace and offer solutions to its potential clients.

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Limited budget

Marketing agencies are comprised of the most strategic, analytical, and creative thinkers you can find. Working with a team of experienced marketers puts all the best puzzle pieces together. When a marketing team is built, each member has their own skill sets, talents, and superpowers. A successful strategic marketing team is diverse and dynamic. 

When a business has a limited budget, companies can get more out of outsourcing from industry experts in an agency than spending more money and using more resources by hiring in-house, full-time employees. An experienced team knows what aspects of marketing your budgets should focus on. These teams have the experience and knowledge to know what will work and what won’t.

This can be especially true for industries such as the high-tech and Esports industries. We always say, “You know tech, and we know how to market tech.” Here is what we mean by this: High-tech businesses, no matter the industry, are a very different animal when it comes to marketing. Tech products and services are rarely found in brick-and-mortar retail spaces and are almost always fully digital. Their products consist of code and user interfaces. 

While some are stand-alone products and services, more often they exist as part of other software or within first- or third-party services. You can probably see where I’m going here. High-tech companies need a full digital marketing approach that transcends B2B and B2C. Read more about marketing for high-tech here

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Consistent support and communication

Marketing agencies’ success is largely attributed to successful communication. Cross-functional collaboration within marketing agencies is top-tier. Communication with clients and within the agency is the reason that marketing strategies come to life and gain traction.

Agencies set up a consistent schedule with your team to communicate on various projects and discuss the status of campaigns. This enables both sides to stay accountable and efficient with the various tasks that are to be completed. Agencies also provide detailed reports that allow you to have a clear picture of your analytics, and provide ideas for how to better optimize.

Along with this, marketing agencies have the ability to help your current in-house employees. Teaching and/or training teams and leaders within the organization is an investment that you’ll be making to help benefit your employees and company. 

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If you want a cost-effective solution to growing your marketing and meeting business objectives, don’t hesitate to reach out to our CEO, Veronika Monell, at veronika@jumpstart-now.com.

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