Top reasons why social media insights are powerful for marketing for tech

by May 12, 2022

Top reasons why social media insights are powerful for marketing for tech

Being an active listener is an essential tool and strength to understand what makes people tick, such as their pain points, needs, and values. Active listening is what allows us to have authentic relationships with other people. So when it comes to brands building relationships with their audience, why would it be different? 


This is when social listening comes into play.


Social listening is the analysis “of conversations and trends happening not just around your brand, but around your industry as a whole, and using those insights to make better marketing decisions.” 


With social listening, you can track what is happening in your industry, be aware of how your brand is talked about, and manage your online reputation. It also allows you to connect with your audience authentically and build a more personal relationship. Being able to understand what customers need requires you to listen to them. Otherwise, you are only providing services based on assumptions. 


Customer service


Without a doubt, social listening levels up your customer service.


Not only are you able to track online mentions to see what your customers are saying about you, but you can directly respond to their queries and comments. This also gives you the ability to respond to customer service issues that you cannot control. 


Let’s face it, mistakes happen, and they are always going to. However, social listening can help you not make the same mistake twice. With listening, you can maintain a positive relationship with your audience by addressing any issues directly and finding a solution so that it does not happen again. 


Finding your customers’ pain points and offering solutions for them is essential. With social listening, you can learn your audience’s wants, needs, questions, etc. Effective marketing provides your audience with something that they need. So, instead of guessing these needs, listen to your audience to determine their exact needs and wants.


Monitor Brand


Monitoring all aspects of your brand is critical for maintaining a positive reputation. 


Social listening allows you to analyze the conversations happening in your industry. You can also track how extensive the discussions are around your brand, a specific campaign, or a product. By doing this, you can have a better understanding of the direction you should be taking. Using this tool takes the guesswork out of your marketing strategy.


In addition to being able to track how your brand is being discussed, social listening will also help you be aware of outside conversations happening in your industry. This includes social and political discussions. By staying aware and ahead of these conversations, you can prepare for how your company responds. 


Competitor Analysis

To stay ahead, always keep an eye on your competition.


With social listening, you can not only monitor the conversations around your brand, but you can also watch your competitors’ conversations. This gives you a much better idea of your online presence and helps to stay ahead in your industry. By monitoring the volume of conversations surrounding your brand compared to your competitors, you can better understand where you stand.


Finding pain points with your competitors’ customers is critical. By tracking this, you can then find a strategy to fill the needs of your shared audience. On the other side of this, analyze which of their content outperforms you and find ways to improve yours.


According to Sprout Social, “Sales teams can use social media listening tools to research a prospect’s industry, brand, and competitors.” 


How to master social listening with sales


According to industry data on employee advocacy, “customers acquired via social selling are seven times more likely to convert.”


Listening to how your audience wants to be approached and which platforms they wish to receive sales communication from is vital. Not every social media platform will give the same results in each industry. Find out which platforms will be best for garnering sales for your particular business. 


For example, a high-tech business may have more LinkedIn leads than Instagram. The opposite could be said for a low-tech company that may perform better on Instagram or Facebook.


Create campaigns that can initiate sales. This happens through analyzing the data of your social listening. If you are effectively looking at your data, you can determine what type of campaigns your audience engages with and create content based on this information. This helps you to be strategic in your marketing approach.


Social listening is an integral aspect of every effective marketing strategy. Stop guessing; start knowing. This is the tool that will take your marketing to the next level. Learn more about social listening for tech by connecting with our CEO, Veronika Monell, here


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