Guaranteed ROI of Outsourcing Cannabis Marketing

by Feb 24, 2022

Outsource cannabis marketing for your cannabis business has a guaranteed return on investment (ROI). A strategic outsource marketing team is experienced, adaptable, and scalable, which directly benefits a cannabis business in an ever-changing business dynamic.


Marketing agencies are comprised of the most strategic, analytical, and creative thinkers. Working with a team of experienced marketers puts all the correct puzzle pieces together. When a marketing team is built, each member has their own skillset, talent, and superpower. A successful strategic marketing team is diverse and dynamic. 


Each piece of a diverse team is vital to developing the whole picture. And each piece contributes to a successful full-service and strategic marketing agency that will guarantee a positive ROI for your cannabis business.


  1. Expertise and Adaptability


Employing an agency with experience in ever-changing market situations can be the biggest differentiator for cannabis marketing. A strategic marketing agency is forward-thinking and adapts quickly in any environment. 


The cannabis business and, therefore, the cannabis marketing approach, is constantly changing. The marketing team can create a proactive strategy as dynamics evolve. The cannabis industry is growing and developing; marketing agencies can invest time and patience to stay ahead of the changes in this industry. 


Above all, a marketing agency is well-versed in creating diverse buyer personas. Its development takes time, market research, and social listening. A successful marketing team will never make assumptions about your cannabis audience. 


One of the main goals of standing out in the cannabis marketplace is differentiating your cannabis business from others. Education is necessary, which is a constant priority for digital marketers. 


1. Flexibility and Scalability


An agency is consistently staying ahead of digital marketing changes. That is how they successfully navigate every shift, trend, and regulation for the cannabis industry in the field of marketing. 


Cannabis is a fast-growing industry that requires flexibility to understand the ins and outs. Few other industries deal with regulatory restrictions as stringent as cannabis. Any quick pivots can be resolved quickly and efficiently with an outsourcing agency. Flexibility is a strength.


Cannabis businesses often grow fast, and the scalability of all business functions is a challenge. An outsourced marketing agency can shoulder the need for marketing scalability. They are experts in building marketing teams that include the necessary puzzle pieces for your cannabis business. Outsourcing frees up the cannabis business to focus on scaling its internal business functions.


2. Overhead and Time Cost Reduction


It’s simple. Reducing overhead cuts costs and is a noticeable ROI. Without an in-house marketing team or a partial in-house team with outsourced components, the cost of labor and benefits is significantly reduced. Outsourcing your cannabis marketing also makes it easier to manage your marketing budget. 


Social media marketing and advertising are highly time-consuming. Digital marketers often optimize by collecting and analyzing the data. By outsourcing labor-intensive tasks, you are simultaneously cutting time and costs. Outsourcing either all or certain components of the marketing plan can also relieve your internal marketing team. This cost savings allows for more flexibility to invest in other business areas. 


The same goes for content creation. A high amount of strategic content needs to be created and distributed to maintain relevance in the cannabis industry. Outsourcing will help keep with your plan, stay organized, and produce high-quality, creative content. 


3. Resiliency and Future-Proofing


Strategic marketing agencies focus on laying the groundwork for brand awareness right away. They are well versed in creating comprehensive and strategic marketing plans that align with the future of your business. A solid marketing foundation contributes to a business’s resilience and can carry a business through downturns.


An experienced marketing team can lend a unique perspective and strategy to take companies to the next level and grow them exponentially. They can help pivot the business quickly to contribute to its resiliency. By relying on your outsourced marketing team to adjust, you ensure that your cannabis marketing can support your business’s future. 


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