How data-driven marketing informs a highly focused strategy

by Nov 24, 2020

Marketing loves technology.

Marketing loves technology, and if marketers do not, they definitely should. It would be the understatement of 2020 for marketing to not consider the full spectrum of data available today. Technology alone or artificial intelligence specifically does not make for a successful marketing strategy. In the end, it’s about the strategy. But the wealth of analytics marketing AI offers is simply invaluable. 

As a technologically driven marketing agency, we live by our data-driven approach every day. We utilize sentiment analysis to predict trends. Advanced analytics in social, web, and search engines focus our strategic approach. Our content marketing intelligence is informed by AI. It strategically positions content to leverage the Google search engine. 

Marketing AI is often associated with automation.

In marketing, it informs the ideal posting time on social media, and even the tone of voice for content based on a specific audience. Machine learning helps optimize ads and tracks website position based on search terms across search engines. Content marketing intelligence shows us the conversations on the web and what users are searching for. Social listening informs us about current social conversation around our client’s brands, their competitors, and industries. It also helps predict trends. 

But automation is only a small piece of the marketing AI puzzle. Artificial intelligence has unearthed data and provides analytics that can inform marketing strategy. Analytical minds and strategic thinkers can utilize the data to elevate and expand upon what they already know. It spurs new ideas and approaches for our clients. Our team uses it to learn and learn fast.

Is my Marketing Working?

Knowing if your marketing is working or not is one of the biggest components in marketing success. At the foundation of a solid marketing strategy, analytics need to be fully utilized. In marketing, we love predicting trends, but when it comes to measuring success, we cannot be satisfied with guesses. Yes, data can be interpreted many different ways. But marketing AI unmistakably shows us if the campaigns we are running are effective. It shows if we are getting the results we expect and the outcomes we want. Marketing is math. 

Marketing teams and agencies need to be informed by data and measure continuously. For our clients, KPIs are an important indicator of success. While marketing is more complex than that, KPIs are indicators we live by as well. Reputation management, brand awareness, and social media engagement sound like soft math. Don’t be mistaken. In a strategic but data-driven approach, we can measure if we are hitting our goals. It also shows us how long it took to get there.

In this world of digital transformation at lightning speed, software-informed AI platforms are striving to become more sophisticated. We team up with future forward technology companies who are improving their software consistently. That is where we want to be as an agency. 

What we use.

Some great examples are Sprout Social and SEMrush. These companies help marketers with invaluable insights and tools to level up their marketing. They are able to marry the team’s marketing needs, industry trends, and digital marketing experience into powerful marketing AI platforms. Teaming up with partners like these are invaluable assets for our agency.

It is not a new concept that marketing should be driven by data. What is new is the wealth of data through marketing AI. It is now easily accessible not just to agencies like ours, but any marketer and team. The trick is only to use it and understand how to use it. Because the marriage of marketing and technology is a powerful union.

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