The California Association of Resource Conservation Districts has partnered with JumpStartNOW to develop the strategic marketing plan for GRASS-C certification

by Sep 10, 2020

GRASS-C is the Resource Conservation Districts’ Growing Responsible and Socially Sustainable Cannabis certification

Sacramento, CA: JumpStartNOW (JSN) announced that the Sacramento-based marketing boutique has partnered with the California Association of Resource Conservation Districts (CARCD) to develop the strategic marketing plan that informs the highly-anticipated GRASS-C certification  introduction to market. The strategic plan marks the start of various marketing and outreach campaigns to build momentum and recognition of the certification. 

GRASS-C is a market-incentive certification program for environmentally responsible cannabis production in California. It connects growers with local resource conservation professionals who help them design environmentally responsible operations and award a third-party certification recognized by consumers, regulatory agencies, and the public. 

GRASS-C was developed in collaboration with local cannabis growers and Resource Conservation Districts (RCD) to establish a platform to capture and verify best management practices. Guiding principles include: protect, conserve, and enhance natural resources, human concerns for achieving sustainable agricultural systems, and ecological interactions between operations and ecological communities. 

JSN is working closely with RCDs instrumental in developing the program: CARCD, Mendocino County RCD, Trinity County RCD, Upper Salinas-Las Tablas RCD, Coastal San Luis RCD, and Cachuma RCD.  JSN is also working with the GRASS-C Advisory Panel, which is made up of leaders in licensed cannabis cultivation around the state, as well as engaging government regulatory agencies to inform the strategy.

A highly strategic marketing direction for the GRASS-C program is expected to have the following results:

  1. Establishing the highest quality, socially and ecologically sustainable consumer standards
  2. Normalizing of cannabis farming in California by fostering trusted relationships 
  3. Optimizing permitting processes for cannabis farmers through GRASS-C certification 
  4. Providing preferred retail market placement for participating cannabis farmers 

“We are excited to help elevate the GRASS-C program from a strategic marketing perspective. This certification does not only bring deserved recognition to environmentally responsible and socially conscious farming operations, it lays the foundation to help normalize the cannabis industry,” says Veronika Monell, CEO, JumpStartNOW.

Sara Letton of the California Association of Resource Conservation Districts (CARCD) notes “The GRASS-C program sees RCDs providing resource conservation assistance to farmers in a similar way they have been doing for the last 75 years.  The program is a way to verify excellent land stewardship by licensed cannabis farmers, and communicate that to consumers who care.”

JumpStartNOW is a boutique marketing agency headquartered in Sacramento, CA with national and international clients. JSN is a strategic, forward-thinking marketing agency with a focus on social media, content marketing, and paid ads. They are well positioned in a fast-paced, digital business dynamic that is ever changing. 

Resource Conservation Districts are the only established, publicly accountable technical assistance providers able to work with newly legalized cannabis farmers in California. California RCDs have been working with licensed outdoor cannabis farmers for the last two years to understand their stewardship successes and challenges. 


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