Newsletters are boring. But they can be successful.

by Dec 15, 2019

When is the last time you read an e-newsletter? 

Are they clogging up your inbox? Although email might not be completely obsolete yet, as I had predicted, our inboxes have become less efficient and overwhelming.  Most people despise their email inboxes and all the junk email they are receiving. As such, how can your newsletter stand out among the “boring” rest of them and the other junk emails?

Let’s start with the good news.  Yes, you heard right. Email newsletters are still a proven marketing and lead generating tool.  Most of us who like an efficient inbox have unsubscribed from hundreds of email newsletters over the years.  However, there are always a handful of newsletters we do want to receive and actually read. Those are the key to email newsletter success.

Success in email marketing starts with a focused subscriber list. 

No matter if you have built the list of contacts known to you or purchased a list of potential subscribers, they should all fit your target market.  A valuable list of subscribers cannot be underestimated, and it is more important than the sheer size of it all. We also suggest that you segment the list to send out even more target messages.  It sounds tedious, no doubt, but if you consider each of the subscribers to be a valuable lead, would you want to nurture this lead to convert into a customer or client? The answer should be yes. 

Next, you need your recipients to open the newsletter. 

Ask yourself what makes you open your favorite newsletters or that random one you didn’t think you would like.  Exactly, an interesting and catchy subject line. No matter if it’s an emoji that catches your eye in that busy inbox, a teaser that makes you not think twice about opening that email, or an urgent call to action you can’t afford to ignore, they all will make you click to open that email newsletter.  Don’t be complacent with finding that unique hook, a 20% open rate is not as good as you think. Our best open rate is in the 70% tile and that is exciting. 

Give Value.

Give your recipients valuable information that is packaged so that it is easily digestible and designed with clean lines.  After you get your recipients to open the newsletter, give them information that entices them to read your newsletter, execute on a call to action, learn about what you can do for them with an easy follow-up, any benefits you can share with them, offer them deals they cannot refuse, or educate them about topics that interests them. 

Successful newsletters have an active readership. 

They are being opened at a high rate and acted upon to convert leads into sales.  Don’t churn out boring newsletters. Instead, think strategically on how this proven marketing tool can help you take your business to the next level. 

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